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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meet Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown at the board at WKIX Charlie Brown has become a radio legend and has been my friend for over 40 years!

One of the original KIX MEN OF MUSIC (heard mostly from 6pm to 9pm on WKIX in Raleigh, NC in the 1960s), Charlie left the air to pursue a career in radio sales and, later, radio station management. His love of being on the air has brought him full circle back in front of a microphone as host of the successful regionally syndicated radio show, "On the Beach with Charlie Brown".

Charlie is a member of the Carolina Beach Music Hall of Fame and a two-time winner of the Disk Jockey of the Year award and serves on the Carolina Beach Music Awards Advisory Board.

Charlie Brown and Craig Woolard at the 2005 Cammy Awards ShowThat's Charlie on the left with Craig Woolard (Craig Woolard Band) who have helped to host the Cammy Awards Show in Myrtle Beach along with Larry Sprinkle and others for several years.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Some of the KIX ALUMS were in Myrtle Beach November 11th - 14th, 2005 for the KIX KASUAL REUNION AND CAMMY PARTY - meeting for food, fun and frivolity.

Charlie Brown received an official Cammy Award - taking home the AM Radio DJ award for the second consecutive year for his show on WPCM 920 AM Burlington, NC.

Conny Glicken received the "most travelled miles" award - having driven up from the Orlando area to see KIXsters, listen to some great bands and to learn to shag - she did all three!

Barry and Dacia Hayes received the "fastest to the site" award - having flown in on one of Barry's airplanes from Siler City in about an hour.

Some KIXsters met informally for a dinner at Tony's Italian Bistro Saturday night, then adjourned to one of the three live music venues in the OD Beach Resort and/or Fat Harold's Beach Club (a block away from the OD) to hear some really good live music.

At the beginning of the CAMMY Awards Show on Sunday afternoon, Larry Sprinkle mentioned the impact that WKIX Radio had on the early formation and evolution of Beach Music and then introduced the KIX ALUMS in attendance individually as we stood in the audience. Larry and I worked together at BIG WAYS in Charlotte where he was "the humor" behind Jay Thomas' hit radio show. Larry has been the weatherman at the NBC TV station in Charlotte for over thirty years.

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KIX MUSIC MAN Jack Kane waves to the audience in the Alabama Theatre
The legend, Pinehurst Bob Jones, says hello to those at the Cammy Awards show
The Radio Ranger, Tommy Walker
The Fat Cat, Charlie Brown takes a bow

Tom Scott and Mark Starr were also introduced but were seated away from the photographers line of sight. Alas, Barry Hayes was mistakenly omitted from the introduction script.

Larry Sprinkle shares MC podium with Charlie BrownA highlight of the program was Charlie Brown's podium presence. CB gets better every year he does these and this was one of his best and most witty performances. CB introduced the 2005 Hall Of Fame Inductees, Clarence Carter ("Patches", "Slip Away", "Strokin", etc.) and Willie Tee ("Teasin' You", "Walking Up A One Way Street", "Thank You John" etc.) as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award to Otis Pope (Tams Manager for 30+ Years).

It was, in short, a laid back event with KIXsters seeing one another in the clubs and coming together for a few meals.

Thank you Bob Jones for the KIX STAMPS. Although they are legal tender, it is doubtful I will use them on any envelopes.

We had near perfect weather in Myrtle Beach. Warm afternoons and cool evenings. This KIX KORRESPONDENT stayed up way too late on the last night - hitting the sack Monday morning at 2:30 AM. But the after party was a blast!!! Where else could you see the Coastline Band jamming with the Craig Wollard band at midnight wearing only their underwear (you had to have been there to know how funny it became). The Coastline Band won big at the Cammy's including Blues Song on the Year, "Sweet Mama Do Right".

- - - Photos courtesy of KIX KUTIE Connie - - -